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Remove Dynamic Wrinkles

Chemical Peels

Reduce Acne and Acne Scars


Polish Skin to Look Younger.


Remove Static Wrinkles, Fill Grooves

Narrow Band UVB

Treat Psoriasis & Vitiligo (Leukoderma)

Co2 Laser

For Skin Surgery

Radio Frequency

Remove Skin Tags or Unwanted Moles

Pulsed Light

Remove Unwanted Hair

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About Nova:

Nova started its journey on 27th Feb 2002. Kolkata's first clinic to introduce Laser with much advanced technology now.It is still a pioneer in its field today. The founder being Mr.Mukesh Johar an entrepreneur and Utpal Adhia. Together with the help of a very renowed Doctor Dr.Manoj Johar –MBBS,MS,MCh(Plas.Surg.),FICS established this clinic. It is looked after by our renowned Doctor - Dr.Arun Prasad who has been practising since 30 years. Dr.Prasad does all the treatment himself. If you have skin problems like acne, psoriasis and vitiligo we treat them with ultraviolet and other wavelengths of light as well as modern medication. We have painless, long-term, hair removal with IPL technology, which is more modern than laser. We have microdermabrasion and chemical peels, and removal of warts and moles with carbon dioxide laser and radiofrequency. Any skin related problem or just to look more beautiful NOVA Clinic is the right choice. More About Us

What our patients have to say about us:

At the very first meeting I felt a lot better. You spent a lot of time explaining my problem and the treatment plan to me. I could see that I had come to the right person and somehow felt that I would soon be better. About 4 weeks later, I could see good improvement. After 3 months my face was glowing again. Thank you Dr. Prasad for helping restore my self-confidence and regain my zest for life.
C K, Acne Patient
During my first visit you spent a lot of time helping me understand my malady and the realistic objectives of your treatment. You were honest enough to admit that medical science had not yet found a permanent cure for psoriasis but emphasized that it could certainly keep the disease under control. I was convinced I had come to the right person.
S.M., Psoriasis Patient
I had 7 moles on my cheeks and nose. These bothered me cosmetically. I am happy to report that after 1 session of painless laser treatment, they are all gone.
S.R., Laser Surgery Patient
I always had a complex about my thin lips but didn’t really know what to do about them. A friend recommended your name and I’m thrilled with the fullness you’ve brought about with one session of Restylane dermal filler injection.
P.A., Restylane Patient
When I met you, I found you well informed and honest. You told me that 75% of patients show good response to a combination of Narrow-band UVB phototherapy and some special creams. I started the treatment advised by you and after 8 sessions began to see colour come back. After 24 sessions my face was almost clear.
P.H., Vitiligo Patient